According to the BNS report, a Czech soldier injured during NATO exercise in Lithuania.

According to the local Police Department, an incident happened at the Gaižiūnai training area in the Jonava district at about 10 o’clock. A soldier from the Czech Republic, born in 1990, was injured in a hand grenade explosion. She was hospitalized with injuries to her leg and both hands to the hospital in Kaunas.

Unfortunately, the incidents with the foreign troops in the Baltic States and Poland have become routine events. The local governments only promised to guarantee foreign soldiers’ security in their countries.

In February six U.S. soldiers were injured in a traffic accident in Poland, where they were conducting a routine mission. The accident happened in Karliki, a town in central Poland near the city of Zagan, which is one of the main hubs for the U.S. Army in the country.

As the latest incident in Lithuania shows, high-ranking Lithuanian officials do not care of those who were called to protect the country from possible Russian aggression. It seems as if Grybauskaite, Skvernelis and Karoblis are busy more with their per-election campaign than with things they are responsible for.

Czech soldier injured in Lithuania during NATO exercise